Sunday, February 26, 2017

William Brah: Innovating UMass Boston

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The Venture Development Center at UMass Boston (located on the third floor of Wheatley Hall) is a resource for Entrepreneurs around the globe.  They offer visas for international students, and help entrepreneurs get started.  With expert leadership, entrepreneurs in-residence, and a start-up atmosphere the VDC, companies are able to get their feet off the ground; and the individual behind it all is William Brah.
Brah describes this in his own words “[is] unlocking the University of Massachusetts' amazing potential for innovation and entrepreneurship. So far we've launched 66 companies which have raised $383 million in venture capital and created 651 jobs.”  If you go on the VDC website, http://vdc.umb.edu/, you will be able to meet the team of people behind the scenes making all of this happen and see a list of companies that have been started through the VDC.  The VDC was even awarded by being named a Game Changer by the Boston Globe.

Brah has also set up the Entrepreneurship Center for College of Management students looking to become part of the entrepreneurship community.  So far over 175 students have been able to start companies or become part of startups.  You can go on the Entrepreneurship Center’s website to find out more about what this group can do for you, and when they hold events, https://www.umb.edu/entrepreneurship_center

Brah has fostered and entrepreneurial spirit and culture at UMass Boston.  With so much expertise available, it would be worth any potential entrepreneur’s time to look into the VDC or the Entrepreneurship Center for advice on their big idea.

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