Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Graduating soon? Put down permanent roots in Boston!

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For many students in Boston, graduation is right around the corner.

For student entrepreneurs, that means there's just a few more weeks until we are out on our own, ready to turn an idea into a business to make a living out of it!

In this Financial Times article, the author suggests entrepreneurs should look no further than the Boston area to lay the groundwork to grow a successful startup.

A few reasons why:
  • Kendall Square, Cambridge, and the Route 128 corridor
  • The Seaport "Innovation" District
  • More than 100 colleges and 12 hospitals call Boston home
  • Dell ranked us no. 4 on a list of "future ready" economies in the United States
  • Boston is no. 2 in the nation for startups founded by women

Convinced yet that you should stick around when you graduate? 

If not, keep reading to learn more!

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