Sunday, March 12, 2017

Wellframe in Boston

Based in Boston, USA, Wellframe is a software company. It is a digital health company which emphasizes on devising the infrastructure of the future as far as care delivery is concerned. The company combines care delivery with artificial intelligence, the ever-growing mobile technology and clinical medicine. The role of the organization is to make sure that the system in place concentrates upon delivering personalized treatments, as well as optimizing the management of a number of patients. Wellframe comprises doctors, engineers and designers who work hand in hand to guarantee enhancement within the care delivery regimes. The company relies a great deal on transparency, the role of creativity and persistence to outdo its own self, day in and day out.

The Wellframe team has a mission to change the very basis of healthcare within America. Its vision has been set upon at bringing forward the highest possible measures related with evidence-based care within the reach of just about everyone. The focus has been set on partnering with some of the more renowned health plans which are in place as well as the organizations that ensure care delivery to make use of the technological domains. The onus is on finding out solutions for the sake of the needs that the patients have, and that too on a consistent basis. Wellframe values innovation, tenacity, accountability, empathy, respect, collaboration and transparency across the board. Learning seems to be the buzzword when one explores the basis of Wellframe’s work ideology. The company is run by four different investors. 
Visit their Website:https://www.wellframe.com/

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