Friday, March 31, 2017

One of UMass Boston’s Most Beloved Entrepreneurs: Mayor Thomas Menino

Mayor Menino graduated UMass Boston (which was called Boston State College at the time) in 1988, and was elected mayor in 1993.  In only five years’ time Menino went from recent college grad to Mayor of Boston, and he would go on to become Boston’s longest serving mayor.  He was also one of Boston’s most popular and well-known mayors.  Nevertheless, his legacy still lives on in Boston’s Innovation District.  In 2010, Menino founded the Innovation District in South Boston waterfront to encourage collaboration and entrepreneurship.  It is initiatives like this that makes Boston one of the most innovative and entrepreneurial cities in the world, especially in the Biotech space.  Nevertheless, the next leader of Boston could be you (or your class mate)!

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