Monday, March 6, 2017

Last Week's Meeting Recap

Last week was an exciting night for the entrepreneurs of Umass Boston!  The club discussed the latest trends in the business world (as always) and discussion ensued about this article (the word article is a link!)  The debate over immigrants is currently raging in America, and it has even begun to impact the entrepreneurs right here at Umass Boston.  The club heard a pitch from an entrepreneur about a bold new idea, truly an example of what the club is all about!  A number of positions in the club were assigned, and this will hopefully help to bridge the gap into next year, as a number of senior members will be graduating and moving on.  Lastly, friendships are being forged in this club, and these are bonds that will last a lifetime, certainly an important element of any club!  Come see some of this for yourself at next week's meeting!

- Matthew Furlong


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